ITALK is a platform especially designed to connect the ISIB students with international branding entrepreneurs. Through speeches held by individual business professionals about their brands, the learning brand strategists gain insight into their future. The ITALK events serve as an important component of their Brand Strategy Management education and it creates the possibility for the students to understand what role they will play in the branding world.
Opportunities for students

Providing the students with relevant sources and branding experience from all different business fields to uncover what their true motivation is and what their future role is in branding.

Giving the students the chance to convers with all kinds of interesting personalities in the business world. ITALK makes the experienced business professionals tangible.

Through the ITALK events the students are presented with incredible job and internship opportunities to help form their future.

A platform for the academy
and industry to communicate

ITALK gives business professionals insight into this unique brand strategy management education at ISIB which offers them the chance to receive feedback from the students and involve them in their own projects and research. Potentially they could even get in touch with their future staff or preselect their next Brand Strategy Manager.